The Price of Palladium Carbon in Precious Metals Trading: How Much Per Gram?

Today’s highest recycling price for palladium carbon is $31 per gram. What factors influence this price? First, we need to understand the origins, properties, and applications of palladium carbon to better grasp its value.

Precious Metal Recycling
Palladium carbon is primarily prepared through chemical methods, where palladium is supported on activated carbon. Palladium is a precious metal, and activated carbon acts like a large sponge that can adsorb a significant amount of palladium. It has good stability and strong catalytic activity, making it very popular in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. For example, in organic synthesis, palladium carbon can catalyze certain reactions, accelerating the production process, which directly affects the efficiency and cost of industrial production.

As a catalyst, palladium carbon is mainly used in chemical reactions, hydrogenation reactions, and others. Its efficiency and cost-effectiveness make it widely applicable in the industrial sector.

This concludes our introduction to palladium carbon. I hope this share has provided a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of palladium carbon. Look forward to our next discussion on other topics!